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Commercial Roofing Contractor in Waco, TX

Being so warm in Waco, TX, we obviously enjoy a little bit of rain. We don’t, however, enjoy the rain when it is puddling up inside our buildings, causing damage, mold and mildew. Buildup of mold is a significant health risk for you, your clients and employees. If you are experiencing problems with rain water leakage, give Flores Roofing & Construction a call. We can ensure that rain stays outside where it belongs.

Honesty is always the best policy at Flores Roofing & Construction. We will let you know whether a simple roof repair will do the trick or if an entire roofing overhaul is needed.

New Roofs

Is your roof over 20 years old? Are you noticing damaged shingles, asphalt granules in your gutter, or sunlight shining through your attic? Have you noticed your roof is sagging? If so, you likely need a brand new roof, and we can help!

When you are getting a new roof installed on your home or business, you obviously want it done correctly! That’s why we build roofing systems that can stand the test of time, including everything that Texas can throw at it. Your roof can last decades with the proper installation, so we can tear-off your roof and replace it with something that will function as it should.

Roof Repairs

Put your roofing repair in our team’s capable hands. Your roof could have a few missing shingles and need a patch here and there. That doesn’t mean you have to replace the whole thing. Contact us to discuss your roofing problems, and we guarantee that we will be able to find the root of the issue so that your system can continue to function throughout the duration of its life.

Flores Roofing & Construction - Waco Commercial Roofing

Metal Roofing

Installing a metal roof has many benefits for your home and your bills. Not only is a metal roof more durable than other roofs, but they are also more energy efficient. A metal roof reflects the sun's rays and keeps the home cooler which means lower energy bills for you. Call today to discuss installing a new metal roof.

Flores Roofing & Construction - Metal Roofing in Waco, Hewitt, Temple, Killeen, Belton & College Station

Our Roofing Capabilities:

We are available to work on many different types of roofs and different roofing issues, including the following:

  • Asphalt and Wood Shingles
  • Built-Up Roofing
  • Fast Leak Repairs
  • Metal and Rubber Roofs
  • New Roofs
  • Re-Roofs
  • Tear-Offs
  • Insurance Claims Accepted
  • Industrial Roofing

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